Building a community with the skillset to build awesome apps.

We organize both free and paid coding sessions. We touch many topics and everything is always an open discussion. There are no exams, everything is done live. You just follow along on your own laptop. You'll fork repo's on GitHub, commit changes and push them back up.

Our free sessions will always be free and we will cover random topics and different technologies. This will range from the basics of defining variables, functions, etcetera, all the way to implementing state management with Redux or deploying your code to Digital Ocean.

These free sessions will be managed through our page on

Our paid sessions are well structured and are meant to help you either land a job with your newly acquired skillset or just polish up your knowledge base. Everybody is welcome.

The sessions are organized similar to the free sessions but organized to take you from A to Z on each topic. Think of it as a college education, the difference is we skip the theory, the exams and all the unnecessary stuff.

We focus on teaching you how to build real-world apps using the latest tech. They are the same technologies being used at companies like Netflix, Facebook, AirBnB, Instagram, etc.

Our sessions will be held 2-3 times a week for roughly 1-2 hours. It will always be a live coding session. Questions will be answered openly so everyone can listen and learn.

Feel free to take our sessions alongside with a traditional college course or take our sessions independently. There are no prerequisites. We will provide a syllabus and discuss any helpful knowledge needed before joining.

The cost of our paid sessions start at $100 a week.

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