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If you want to get more customers, reach more people, have real followers on your social media, Amiliae is for you.

47.4% of micro-influencers spend more than 5 hours a day connected on social media.

27.7% of influencers publish content on their social networks more than three times a day.

In the social community we work with common people with a considerable number of followers where the majority are friends, acquaintances and relatives, this guarantees that what they share on their social media, their followers will take notice.

Here we believe in the power of masses and we want to help each brand, small and large by creating a simple marketing strategy that is both high in quality and also efficient.

Food, beauty and travel are the most demanded categories by both micro-influencers and companies seeking to collaboration with them.

How does it work?

Amiliae allows ordinary people to earn money for participating in campaigns and sharing content on social media.

After logging in within the app, micro-influencers can see the list of companies that are working with us.

By clicking on the campaign details, they receive the information about what the brand asks for, the conditions and tasks to be performed.

The micro-influencers publish the content on their social media, the images invite your audience to consume your products or services and to also follow your social media account.

In the description they must use a #hashtag specific to the label or mention the brand.

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