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If you want to get more customers, reach more people, have real followers on your social media, Amiliae is for you.

47.4% of micro-influencers spend more than 5 hours a day connected on social media.

27.7% of influencers publish content on their social networks more than three times a day.


• How many followers should I have to participate with Amiliae?
A minimum of 1000 followers.

• Must my account must be public or private?
People who register must have their account public.

• I want to register, although I am a minor. I can do it?
No, Amiliae is only available for adults as per Instagram guidelines.

• How many campaigns can I publish in the day?
The campaigns that fit your profile can be seen and shared from the app, although the recommendation is not to publish two campaigns on the same day since it is saturating your audience with advertising.

• Are campaigns for posts or stories?
Campaigns are shared according to their specifications, you will find this information at the bottom of each camapign in the app. Campaigns are published in feed and some request stories on interspersed days.

• How long should I promote each campaign?
The minimum to keep a campaign in your time feed is 30 days from the day the publication is made. After this time you can eliminate it, it is your choice.

• What happens if a shared campaign in my account does not generate reaction from my audience?
If the influencer fails to connect the with its audience, the campaign must be eliminated since at all times the brands must be satified with the results.

• I have published several campaigns, but for a few days I have not seen any more campaigns available in the app!
You can see only the campaigns that fit your profile according to the requirement or request of the brands. They can choose age, gender, # minimum of followers, cities to promote in, etc. Thus they establish a profile for the influencers that they wish to include in their campaign(s). If you can see the campaign in the app, it is because you meet the requirements, otherwise you do not have the profile requested by the the brands current campaigns.

• What should I do if I forgot my password and the recovery email does not reach me?
Send us an email at info‑ and we will send you a link from which you can express your inconvenience and then we can find your solution.

• What steps should I take if I have problems sharing campaigns from the app?
Send us an email at info‑ and we will send you a link from which you can express your inconvenience and then we can find your solution.

• I got a message saying that my account was declined. What does that mean?
Our internal system performs a check of your account seeking to establish basic parameters of movement, transit, activity, interaction of your account, level of commitment and response of your followers with your posts and the percentage of followers that are in the country.

• What should I do if after registering I don't receive the confirmation email?
Generally this happens when you are a minor and registered, however, you can contact us through email at info‑ and we will help you find the solution to your case.

• How does the payment process work?
The system keeps a record of the campaigns shared by each influencer. We pay on the 1st of each month for balances over $30. We will send you a link where you can fill out your information for us to transfer your payment.

• Can I register more than one account with Amiliae?
You can register as many accounts as you want but you do need to use a different email address. You may use a trick by using the plus sign in your email to use the same email address. E.g. If your email is, you can use

• Can I change the caption of the campaigns?
The caption must be copied and pasted intact in each shared campaign. This guarantees the complete transfer of the campaigns and ability to comply with the trademark request of the brands at each step of the process.

Food, beauty and travel are the most demanded categories by both micro-influencers and companies seeking to collaboration with them.


• What is a micro-influencer?
A micro-influencer, is a person with an active presence in social media, with a number of followers who interact and react to their publications, and who enjoy credibility in their natural and organic niche. Their followers are usually less than 10,000.

• Can I choose the people who share my campaign?
You can choose the profile of the influencers you want for your campaign according to taste or requirements for your brand. That is, age range, gender, minimum number of followers, city, distance from city center, etc.

• How are posts scheduled for a campaign?
The campaigns, after being approved by the brands, are uploaded to the app and the influencers that meet the established requirements will be able to view and share. Only the influencers with the matching profiles will have access and be able to publish.

• How does the app measures the effectiveness and results of campaigns?
Our internal system carries out a weekly survey of the advances in the campaign, which includes several factors related to the activity, interaction, movement and transit of the account from beginning to the end of the campaign.

• Do you make monitoring reports on figures and engagement?
We collect data on the figures, engagement and variations in the brands account. These reports are sent via email to the brands.

• What brand objectives can be expected from the strategy with micro-influencers?
It depends on the need or requirement of the brand. The campaign conforms to these requirements which may be, reach, brand recognition, increase in followers, etc.

• What happens if I don't like the results of my campaign with the influencers?
In the event that an influencer is not to the liking or requirements of the brand, he/she can be changed for another influencer that meets your requirements.

• Should I send products to the people who will share my campaign?
No, the activity of the influencer is to act on the recommendation of the product or service by trying to generate recognition of it in its natural niche and making the recommendation by taking into account their credibility within their audience.

• Do you help with the designs and content for the campaigns?
We have a design and creation team that will work according to brand recommendations to create content tailored to your tastes or needs.

• In addition to the posting of the campaign, are there other activities related to the marketing strategy?
Yes, we have a community of more than 10,000 active and committed people to whom we send emails telling them news of the brands. In addition to this, we create and upload stories during the campaign and make recommendations within our account which also gives higher recognition and trust.

Our marketing experts will also be available for changes, adjustments and recommendations throughout the process.

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